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Mango Coconut Yogurt Bliss Balls

I know, I know, I haven’t been on top of my game and have seriously slacked out of writing you blog posts. The thing is, it’s not that I haven’t been photographing my recipes or that I haven’t been coming up with any, I have just been to wiped out to write up the posts. I’m truly sorry, but I am in that part of life everybody looks back on and says “It sucked.” So, that’s my excuse, there you have it. And, now that I’m on break, I’ll be back hitting you with new recipes and posts. Let’s just be friends again. 🙂

If you’re not quite feeling that yet, then just wait until you’ve made these new bliss balls. They are a mix of

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Nut-Free Cranberry Oat Blissballs

I’m physically exhausted. Waiting on tables for 8 hours a day is seriously getting to me, so I am soooo relieved I only need to last for 3 more days. It’s not even the 8 hours that make it so bad, it’s more of the weird hours (4pm to 1am) with absolutely no break inbetween, combined with a slightly higher alcohol intake than usual (I work for a vintner, and part of the deal is tasting the wine you sell). My skin looks like a train-wreck these days, and don’t even get me started on my eating.

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Chocolate Praline Balls (Or: How to Use Up Nutmilk Pulp)

Remember a while back, when I made All-spice Cashew Milk? I made a huge mess, and the only thing that made up for the “work” was the taste of that blissfully creamy, yummy cashew milk. Homemade nutmilk is the best, and, now that I’ve finally bought myself a nutmilk bag, the mess isn’t as bad as it was when I wrote that post.

Still, one question has been lingering in the back of my mind ever since I started making nutmilk myself: What the heck should I do with that gooey, sticky, left-over nutmilk pulp?

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The Ultimate Chocolate Protein Balls

There is some serious procrastination cooking going on in my kitchen. That and procrastination blogging. Yup, both of these are a thing! And the result of said procrastination is truly beneficial to you, trust me. I have created THE ultimate chocolate treat, and the best thing about them are that they are much healthier than your standard chocolate bar. They are even packed with loads of goodies, such as filling chia seeds, heaps of protein, and healthy fats.

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Healthy Raw Carrot Cake Bites And Game Night

My boyfriend and I are invited to a game night this evening, and I’ve been going through my kitchen, trying to find something to bring as a treat.  The friend we’re visiting is a strict no-carber most of the time, so I didn’t want to bake anything, yet I know he enjoys his sweets every now and then, hence I tried to come up with something to fit all those requirements (even though he has now idea that I’m going to all these lengths 🙂 ).

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Healthy Vegan Almondballs And Family Birthdays

When I first started dating my boyfriend (in 2010), I had no idea what I was getting into. And by that I’m not referring to the fact that he is a night owl (and I am one of those incredibly annoying morning people that jump out of bed every day bubbling over with energy) or that he loves whistling along to any song playing on the radio and I despise whistling (which may be due to the fact that I can’t). No, I had no idea I was getting myself into a humongous – and huge just wouldn’t fit the description here – family. My boyfriend’s family is so big that you could easily start a marching band (and yes, almost all of them play instruments, too).

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