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Why getting up early makes you happy

Anybody who isn’t a morning person (as I am) is going to flinch when reading the title above. I am completely aware that not everyone enjoys getting up early in the morning, and the only way I can understand the feeling is when somebody tries to force me to stay up late. I’m not a night owl and have never been – whenever I do end up staying up past my bedtime, it causes my whole sleeping pattern to shift. Which is something I really don’t like.

Getting up early (or, to lessen the pressure: earlier) is somewhat of a choice, though. To make this choice easier, I thought I’d write up a post about how getting up early(er) will help you to “find your happy”.

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Weekday Breakfast Ideas – A Morning Grinche’s Guide

Are you a morning person? I most certainly am, which is why I often get on my boyfriend’s nerves in the mornings, especially on the weekends when I can’t seem to sleep in past 9 am (which, for a student, is extremely lame).

Being a morning person, I love myself a good, yummy breakfast. But I realize there are a lot of you who can’t manage to get anything down but a cup of coffee, so I thought I’d give you a quick guide to easy-peasy breakfast ideas. I call these “weekday” breakfast ideas as I know that’s when it’s the most challenging for those of you who aren’t breakfast lovers to whip up anything resembling a proper breakfast. (All the options are vegan, btw.)

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