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What I have been eating: School Struggles

When I set out to be a teacher, I expected a lot. I expected there to be difficult students, difficult mentors, difficult tests, difficult preparation. And I was right about all that, even if I dare say I have managed to get through it all more or less unscathed until now.

What I didn’t expect was that being a teacher means finding a new eating routine. I didn’t have as much trouble last year because I had quite a few lessons inbetween the ones I taught where I could decide for myself how to spend it (which means I could eat pretty much whenever I wanted to). But, this year, having lessons all morning when I’m at school, I just can’t catch a breath to actually eat something. I’m not big on scarfing things down, so I basically just eat nothing all morning. Which is fine, as, luckily, I am big on eating breakfast.

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Track it: A Spa Day

My whole family’s off on holiday this week and my boyfriend’s in Costa Rica, working. Which means I’m all to my lonesome self, and when I say lonesome, I mean it. The first few days were okay, but I’m starting to feel like a single, abandoned person who is slowly but surely starting to hybernate in her apartment with the shutters down. Please, everybody, throw me a pity party already.

What to do when you feel like you’re not hitting your summer break’s full potential? That’s right, organize a spa day for yourself and get over it.

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What I ate Wednesday (or: Headache-day)

Today, everyone around me, including myself, seemed to a) have a bad day and b) have a headache. I have no idea if the first was cause of or caused the latter, but it definitely hasn’t been the greatest day. I am proud of myself, though, because I did my very best not to get too swept up in it. I did whine a lot about everything, of course, but I still managed to prepare a lesson for next week after school (and after taking a nap). My headache is gone now, which is nice, too. So, in summary, today hasn’t been the best, but I have definitely – DEFINITELY – had worse days. And one thing I’ve done today that worked out well was keep a food diary for you – eventhough I really don’t know if anyone even reads these things, as it seems like anything not containing a recipe isn’t on high demand around here. Lucky for me, I’m in charge, so if I want to post a food diary, I can. Boo yah!

If you keep reading after that intro, you really must like me.

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Track it Thursday: What I ate

I am having serious energy problems. I woke up at 8.30 am this morning, and by 1 pm, I was taking a nap…that ended up being two hours long! There’s something very wrong about that, at least to me. I have no clue what’s going on with my body, but I have rarely felt so detached from it and icky as a whole. It may be the pressure of my life catching up to me, but I sort’a refuse to accept that. I just want to feel energetic and beautiful. Is that too much to ask!?

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Track it: What’s in my lunchbox?

Four out of five days a week, I have my lunch out of a lunch box. Sometimes, it’s even five days a week. Since I know that many people struggle to know what to take to school / work / kindergarden / uni, I thought I’d show you what I had in my lunchbox the past three days. I have been trying to cut back on my grocery shopping, so I am willing myself NOT to go grocery shopping till Friday (at which point I’ll have run out completely, trust me). But that means careful planning with my fruit and veggies! I love making myself plant-based, mostly low-carb lunches for school, as I feel like a heavy, carby lunch makes me quite sluggish. I did have one high-carb lunch this week, but that was the day I knew I would be going for a run straight after work and didn’t want to get home famished. That would’ve meant I had to eat something before going on a run, and therefore I’d have to wait, and it would’ve gotten dark, and I wouldn’t have gone. Hence, sometimes high-carb lunches are great.

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Track it Monday – Getting my energy back

A week ago, I was finally done with that one important lesson I had two weeks to prepare, the one every teacher in training has to do within the first half year of teaching. It’s an insanely unnatural situation: you plan a lesson with way too much content, have an amazing plan and hope that it somehow works out so that you will get that “A” you crave. And then you’re done, you’ve got the “A”, and instead of feeling like you’ve achieved something, you just feel wiped out and tired.

Honestly, that feeling hasn’t really gone away much.

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What I ate today: Detox

So the word “detox” is a total fad right now. But it does emit a lot of positivity, which is why I totally understand why products are so quickly described to be “detoxing” in nature, and which is also why I described my food diary as a “detox” day. I didn’t do any sports this week (minus yoga), which is something I generally don’t do too well with. And I was stressed out of my mind…the combination out of the two resulted in me feeling very tired, wiped out, and not at all like myself all week. I figured it was time to hit the reset button before the weekend, and I must say that after I “detoxed” last Friday, I felt much, much better.

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Track It SATURDAY: A Weekend Day

I know, I know, I usually feature my Tuesday in my food diary, but, first of all, today is a crazy day where I doubt I’ll be able to take (pretty) pictures of all I am eating, and secondly, I figured it might interest you not only what a typical day throughout the week looks like for me, but what it’s like on the weekend! For most people (as it is for me), the weekend is time of indulging, of perhaps drinking alcohol or treating yourself with something you wouldn’t normally have. Which is perfect in my book, as it’s all about the balance (an not too much balance!). So, Track it SATURDAY it is…posted on a Tuesday. Yeah, wrap your head around that for a second. 🙂

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Track It Tuesday: A School Day

Good evening friends! I am so proud to have managed to keep a food diary for you today despite it being a school day! I’m slowly getting used to my work schedule, but I’d be lying if I were to say that I had some sort of routine going. It’s only been a week, after all – eventhough it honestly feels much, much longer than that!

As I get up at 6 am every day now, and am usually not too sure when I’ll be back home (us newbie teachers in training aren’t on a fixed schedule yet), I made the mistake several time last week of taking either too much or too little food. I have got that down much better so far, and am relying a lot on my cranberry oat energy blissballs and prepped breakfasts, like overnight oats, spelt semolina or smoothies.

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Track It Tuesday: Vegan Eats

It’s Tuesday once again, which means the last of my four-week challenge of keeping a food diary every Tuesday is up! I may or may not continue these Track It Tuesday posts in the future; I highly doubt I’ll manage every Tuesday, though. I’ll be a working girl next week, so please don’t be too hard on me! Until then, however, you get to enjoy this marvellous post about only vegan eats for once. I actually didn’t plan this to be a “vegan day”, but since I suffered from the stomach flu on the weekend, and I don’t yet feel 100% restored, I am not craving dairy or meat anyways. That’s the beauty about eating vegan – most of the time, it’s truly calming and mild for the stomach, but all the same very nourishing!

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