Chocolate Cashew Cream Filled Strawberries

My parents’ garden is dehydrating. Big time. Even though I am trying my best to keep it alive, the tomatoes’ skin is literally burning off and the sunflowers are wilting. I can’t stop it! Which just goes to show: This weather is NOT good. I seriously can’t deal with the heat. It makes me angry and I don’t know how people actually say they enjoy it. I just really don’t like the constant sweating and dehydration going on. In both plants and myself.

Which is why I needed some cooking or baking to get my mood back on track. Why can’t there be “cooking weather” instead of “heat” or “summer weather”?

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Track it: A Spa Day

My whole family’s off on holiday this week and my boyfriend’s in Costa Rica, working. Which means I’m all to my lonesome self, and when I say lonesome, I mean it. The first few days were okay, but I’m starting to feel like a single, abandoned person who is slowly but surely starting to hybernate in her apartment with the shutters down. Please, everybody, throw me a pity party already.

What to do when you feel like you’re not hitting your summer break’s full potential? That’s right, organize a spa day for yourself and get over it.

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Easy Oven-Baked Potatoes

After what feels like the longest break I’ve ever taken from the blog, I’m finally sitting down to write up one of the recipes I’ve had stored up and just haven’t had the time or energy to write up for you. So sorry about that, but just read my previous post to know what my excuse is – moving 280km back home turned a lot upside down for me, and while I now know that I won’t be moving anywhere else anytime soon, it still hasn’t been the easiest month.

As I’m trying not to dwell on it, though, let’s just get to the recipe and get this blog started again. Without further ado:

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Saying Goodbye is not for me

13 days. That’s what’s left of this school year. We have a countdown on the blackboard in the teacher’s lounge, and I’m responsible for it. At least I feel responsible for it because I think I was the one who started it.

13 days, then we’ll have finally reached the holidays. 13 days, then us trainees will have completed our first year ever of teaching. 13 days, and then it will be time to say goodbye.

13 days. That’s all I have left.

How horrible.

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Tomato Quinoa Falafels without chickpeas

I’m feeling extremely queasy today, and I honestly don’t really know why. I think it has something to do with low blood pressure and crazy weather outside. I swear we’ve been jumping from downright pouring outside to sunniest, cloud-free sky 5x within the past 2 hours. It’s annoying, really, and I blame the weather for making me feel so tired and out of it.

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Quinoa Stuffed Tortilla Wraps

So, do you want to know what my typical day looks like at the moment?

5.30 am: Wake up, roll out of bed, somehow manage to do 1/2 hour of yoga

6.30 am: Have breakfast (see instagram)

7.05 am: Leave the apartment to walk to school.

7.45 am: School. Deal with crazy students.

9.15 am: Breaktime for students. Deal with more crazy students.

11.15 am: Second breaktime for students. Why do students get so many breaks!?

12.00 pm: Only 45 minutes left of crazy students.

12.45 pm: Crazy students leave. Eat lunch for 15-20 minutes, while wildly tapping around on my laptop’s strangely dirty keyboard, writing up some pop quizzes for crazy students.      Continue reading Quinoa Stuffed Tortilla Wraps

What I ate Wednesday (or: Headache-day)

Today, everyone around me, including myself, seemed to a) have a bad day and b) have a headache. I have no idea if the first was cause of or caused the latter, but it definitely hasn’t been the greatest day. I am proud of myself, though, because I did my very best not to get too swept up in it. I did whine a lot about everything, of course, but I still managed to prepare a lesson for next week after school (and after taking a nap). My headache is gone now, which is nice, too. So, in summary, today hasn’t been the best, but I have definitely – DEFINITELY – had worse days. And one thing I’ve done today that worked out well was keep a food diary for you – eventhough I really don’t know if anyone even reads these things, as it seems like anything not containing a recipe isn’t on high demand around here. Lucky for me, I’m in charge, so if I want to post a food diary, I can. Boo yah!

If you keep reading after that intro, you really must like me.

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The best summer smoothie: Galia Melon Ginger Smoothie

After what feels like the longest absence from the blog ever, I have actually felt a little more inspired to write lately. And not just about anything: I have found the perfect summer smoothie recipe, and I bet’cha you haven’t tried this one. Usually, when searching countless recipes for a summer smoothie, you’ll get a blend of strawberries, pineapples, or mango. This smoothie I have been enjoying for 3 weeks straight is surprisingly light and mild, but with a kick from the ginger at the end…making it so much more exciting than any of the other concoctions you may have tried.

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How to become a teacher – reflecting teacher’s training

When you ask kids in fifth grade what they wanna be when they grow up, their answers usually vary between “police officer”, “firemen”, “pilot” and perhaps the girls will occasionally admitt to “princess”.

When I was in fifth grade, all I wanted to be was a teacher. Preferably one like the one I had in fifth grade, a teacher who will forever be my role model in teaching, connecting with students, and being an awesome human.

I am now in teacher’s training – and still, all I want to be is a teacher. Not become one, be one.

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Banana Raspberry Layer Cake

Sometimes you just need cake. Without an actual event calling for it. Which is how I felt last weekend – I just wanted to bake a beautiful cake, layered with something creamy and fruity, topped with something sprinkly and full of ingredients I can deal with (so no dairy and no wheat). The result was a spin-off of my banana bread recipe in combination with some whipped rice cream mixed with a raspberries and vanilla…and I dare say the result turned out beautiful:

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