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Track it Monday – Getting my energy back

A week ago, I was finally done with that one important lesson I had two weeks to prepare, the one every teacher in training has to do within the first half year of teaching. It’s an insanely unnatural situation: you plan a lesson with way too much content, have an amazing plan and hope that it somehow works out so that you will get that “A” you crave. And then you’re done, you’ve got the “A”, and instead of feeling like you’ve achieved something, you just feel wiped out and tired.

Honestly, that feeling hasn’t really gone away much.

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Jump Start Day 4 – My eating philosophy 2016

I have been asked about my “eating philosophy” so often in the past half year that I’ve decided to try and bundle it all up in a blog post for you. It’s not that my eating philosophy is super special or has changed so much within the last half year, but I have gotten to know a bunch of new people over the course of the past half year, and therefore have had the pleasure of explaining all about my intolerances/allergies and preferences. So here it goes: My wondrous super power special eating philosophy.

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Green Spinach Avocado Salad

I have been sitting in front of my empty screen for about 15 minutes because I feel like my brain is asleep and has no amazing insight in my life to share. I am, honestly, simply pretty tired. The past weeks have been continuously kicking my butt, which is fine, because somehow I am still managing, but to say that I’m looking forward to the Christmas break is an understatement.

Planning and being organized is seriously the only thing keeping my head above the water these days. I am so glad I am a good planner, and am able to kick my butt to do the work I need to do almost always, as otherwise the work would be piling up in no time! Planning well includes meal prepping for me, as I’ve told you in this post before.

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How to keep your pantry stocked – Staples and Goodies

A “my pantry” post is a staple of every food blogger’s blog, so I figure this post has been a long time coming. I have two pantries at the moment, one at home with my boyfriend, and the other in the city I work in. It was quite difficult to “divide” up my cupboard, particularly the superfood section, as I only have one blender, and haven’t really wanted to drive it around in my car every time I visit home.

There is, obviously, no real guideline as to which foods you absolutely need to keep around in your pantry, but I have a few staples that I’d like to share with you, as well as a few goodies I like to have around in case I need a quick snack and don’t want to whip up a batch of cookies (which, you know, rarely happens, but just in case).

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Peanutbutter Apple Chickpea Slices

It’s a rainy Sunday and I just finished watching “Julie & Julia”. I love that it’s not as hot today, in fact I am feeling extremely comfy in my sweater! The movie is awesome, I really like Meryl Streep, but the topic of the movie also really hits home for me. I know many people don’t truly understand why I am blogging, and why I find baking and cooking so soothing. To be honest, I can’t really explain it myself….but somehow, if I manage to bake a cake that ends up just as I want it to, I feel better no matter how the day has gone.

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Baobab Apricot Smoothie Bowl

Anger. That’s what I am feeling right now. After waiting for 3 months, I finally got around to calling the institution responsible for sending me my exam results, in the hopes they would tell me that the strike of our post office has caused a delay in delivering the letter…only to find out that the letter hasn’t been sent because not all of my exams have been corrected. Some (dare I say lazy?!) professor is obviously unable to correct exams quick enough. I am now going to celebrate my “finished” studies with my parents and family tomorrow night without even knowing if I passed. Anger, Frustration, Helplessness – all these words don’t seem to cut it today. I’m completely fed up.

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Re-Energize Week Day 3: Get Movin’

Good morning everyone, how have the past days of your personal re-energize week gone? Are you simply following along by reading these posts, or have you tried out any of my ideas of the past two posts?

Yesterday, staying true to my post, I got up early and made myself a delicious peanutbutter dessert shake for breakfast, enjoyed with a crispy, tart green apple, and a soy latté. Strangely enough, I was craving coffee, which I usually only indulge in for lunch, if at all. But, you know, I feel like Re-Energize Week is mostly about listening to your own body, so I had coffee and “dessert”. For breakfast.

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Light Green Lime Smoothie

I should really be mopping the floor right now. I absolutely hate mopping, though…I really don’t mind most of the cleaning business, but, for some reason, mopping (and ironing) are the two things I just really dislike doing. Which is why I am procrastinating by writing you this blog post, hoping that somehow it’ll be easier to deal with in half an hour. 🙂 But it really is tragic when you know you have mopping AND ironing to do in the same day.

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The May Salad: Orange-y Cherry Tomato Side Salad

It’s May, so that means it’s time for another salad to add to my A Year of Salads category! This one is a side salad, and, while sounding simple, is fantastically flavorful, resfreshing, and packed with vitamins and sweetness! As the weather is getting increasingly better, and warmer, I find it’s better to eat less filling, but more hydrating! It’s better to eat more and get your liquids than eat less and forget to hydrate, especially when it’s hot out!

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20-Minute Quinoa Lunch That’ll Get You Back On Track

I have had one of the most amazing vacations of my lifetime. And, trust me, that’s saying A LOT! I grew up in Tanzania, after all, travelled to Zanzibar, Kenya, saw the Kilimanjaro, have been to New York, the Victoria Falls, Paris, Barcelona etc. I’m not trying to show off, I cannot really take a lot of credit for visiting all those places (my mom’s a travel agent and my parents are crazy about travelling). But to say that the past week has been one of the most amazing, that’s really saying a lot.

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