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Honey Walnut Waffles

I have had one productive Monday, people. And it has made me so happy to have things to do, and accomplishing them without feeling stressed in between! I know it may sound like I am mocking you – but I am just really happy to have already done so much today. Isn’t it great when your week starts of optimistically? I wish I could retain this feeling and save it for those days I don’t really manage a positive outlook on life. If you’re not feeling it today, let me know…I’ll send some of my happy to you, okay?

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The April Salad: Walnut-Feta-Pear-Toss

My day has been fine. I got almost everything done on my to-do list, and the sun is shining its a** off today, as if to prove that it has understood our pleas for springtime temperatures. I even just had a friend over for 3 hours and we caught up over a cup of coffee and homemade bounty bars. But somehow, I can’t find my joy today. Do you know what I mean? Continue reading The April Salad: Walnut-Feta-Pear-Toss

Homemade Nutty Easter Eggs

Easter is coming up and with it comes a big load of chocolate. At least that’s what it’s like around here – it’s all about the Easter eggs. Which is why I naturally had to come up with my own version of easter egg pralines…and I think I did quite a good job, considering these are refined-sugar-free, gluten-/flour-free, fat-free and vegan. Yeah, pretty awesome, right?

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Sugarfree Raw Vegan Brownies…aka…Little Squares of Heaven

So I have had two days during which I have not really been feeling as energized as I wish I would. I really get annoyed with myself when my energy levels aren’t high, mostly because then I don’t feel like working out, and lounging around on my sofa all day is something I don’t do without a guilty conscience. I know it may sound ridiculous, but I just don’t do “relaxation” well.

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Crispy Oat-Thins With Vegan Homemade Banana Milk

Oh my gawd, people, I’ve outdone myself. I just made THE most amazing crispy oatmeal cookies in the universe…and my judgement may very well be clouded by the iced homemade banana milk spiced with lots of cinnamon that I am sipping on, dipping my cookies in and stuffing them into my mouth whole. I am literally the cookie monster right now, and in dessert heaven.

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Coffee Hazelnut Loaf With Chocolate Hemp Crust

I feel like a really bad flu is nesting in my body. In German, we have a colloquial phrase: “I feel like I’m breeding something” is the go-to sentence when you aren’t feeling up to life and are worried that you’ll be sick soon. It sounds a bit pathetic when translated into English, after all, I’m not a crazy mother-hen (I mean, I can be, just ask my sister), but you get the picture.

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My Brother And The “Perfect” Breakfast: Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate Oatmeal

I have found THE perfect breakfast. That is, if you like oatmeal. If you are like my boyfriend, you will most likely be disappointed by the wonderful dish that I am about to present;  if you are anything like my brother, who is a total cereal-addict, you’ll love this one. It’s creamy, thick, warm, filling, crunchy, and, if you add a chopped granny smith apple, there’s a nice balance of sour-sweetness!

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My Love For And Version Of Reeses

If I had to pick one type of candy to be the only candy I could consume for the rest of my life, it would definitely be Reeses Peanutbutter Cups. If you’ve never had one, go out and buy some right now! I remember them from my days in Tanzania, because all my American friends would have them at home – it would be the greatest dessert of all if we could split one when I was over at their house. I absolutely adore the mixture of chocolate and peanutbutter, and, seeing as Reeses are rarely sold in Germany, they have been put on a pedestal of rarity and specialness in my head…and, I mean, they just taste amazing!

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Newbie Vegan Struggles And Vegan Cheesy Butter Spread

I know, I know, I’ve not been keeping up with my usual amount of posts, I’m sorry! I have had a pretty calm weekend, but for most of it, I didn’t feel all that well, so I opted to just lay around on the sofa and drink tea. This morning, I got myself out of bed to go for a run, but my energy levels still must be running low, as the 6km run seemed nearly impossible to master. I have been craving cheese and meat like mad all of last week, which may have been to Aunt Irma visiting, but I have also been feeling very low energy in general. It may be due to the vegan eating, but I am still waiting for that “Oh my Gawd I feel so good” moment to kick in, which is why I’ll really try to continue until I reach 1 month.

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Advertisements And Fake Raffaellos

Have you ever seen the Raffaello Advertisement on TV? You know, the one featuring the beautiful, insanely blond woman, wearing a mixture of white swimsuit/dress, laying around in the sun and eating a raffaello, while a couple of (white – obviously) sea gulls kindly sit next to her and watch her. If there has ever been a “most unrealistic” advertisement out there, I’d guess that that’s the one. First of all, what’s with all the white?! I mean, I get that raffaellos are white and everything, but it is possible to overdo it! And, secondly, the seagulls – I mean, really?! Have you ever seen seagulls sitting idly by when you’re eating something?

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