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Peanutbutter Granola Clusters

Sometimes, when we rush through life, we forget to feel our pain. I feel like I’ve been rushing and stressing for the past few weeks, getting used to living away from home, starting work for the first time in my life, stepping into real adulthood and having to deal with pension funds etc., getting my first paycheck. I have enjoyed it all, but I feel like today, now that I’m able to sit and reflect, I am in pain. It seems there hasn’t been enough room to feel fed up, scared and stressed out the past weeks, and it’s all hitting me today…but I am trying to embrace it, and not to let myself be swept up in it. I figure it’s what always happens when we get a breather – the reality of life can hit you quite quickly.

Despite the philosophical slightly melancholy beginning of this post, I actually am happy to share a new recipe with you today. I haven’t been able to cook for myself for over a week, which has truly been a test of sanity…I am so dependant on my own kitchen, it’s crazy.

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Vegan Buttermilk Breakfast Buns

I haven’t baked bread rolls in quite a while. I love making my crunchy crusted millet bread, mostly because it’s so easy and so satisfying, but every once in a while, I really crave bread rolls for breakfast. I therefore came up with a new recipe for breakfast buns, and am so happy with the result. I had yet to create a “fluffy” breakfast roll, and finally managed to achieve it by using fresh yeast instead of dried yeast. I really wanted a seed-coated crust, but feel free to leave that out for a more traditional bun.

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Tomato Basil Grilled Cheese

Mondays have a worldwide tendency of being extremely sucky. Who knows why – because, seriously, the argument that it’s the day on which you still have the largest amount of work just doesn’t cut it for me. I think Mondays are so susceptible for general suckage (excuse my language) because they involve so much planning. You are forced to think about what you didn’t get done the previous week, and what you need to get done this week, what is coming up etc. It’s not about the work, it’s about the planning. At least for me.

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Lightened-Up Italian Pasta Salad

I love combining salad and pasta and making “lighter” versions of pasta dishes, or more satisfying versions of salads – depending on how you look at it. I have posted about a Greek Salad Noodle Bowl before, and today I wanted to change it up Italian-Style. I have recently started testing whether I am able to have dairy products again (I haven’t dared to try pure milk), so I used a cottage cheese base for my dressing. I love cottage cheese!

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Crunchy Crusted Whole Spelt Millet Loaf

It was my boyfriend’s birthday on Sunday, and, just as I’ve told you about his family and their family birthdays, there was an insane number of people crammed into our usually not too tiny apartment – but 30 people in our living room was really pushing it! I made myself rare, because I really don’t love such a huge crowd, and took care of cleaning dishes and re-filling the plates.

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Tropical Coconut Granola To Beat Winter Blues

As my boyfriend and I were eating dinner tonight, at 6pm, it was already completely dark outside. Not the dawning type, it was all-out night-black. That’s how you know winter is basically here – when you feel like rolling up on the sofa that early because the darkness outside doesn’t seem to allow you to do anything else.

When life slows down outside, we slow down with it. I tend to have a vey hard time with that, as I can not bear feeling lazy. Or tired. Or simply not moving as much as in summer – it’s something I really have trouble getting into my brain. But, I am more tired, more laid-back, slower, “lazier” in the darker months, as is everyone else, which is why I should probably just get a grip and accept it. But it’s oh so hard, don’t we all agree?

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Whole-Spelt Pasta Shells With Vegan Zucchini-Olive-Sauce Sprinkled With Vegan Parmesan

Oh boy is my title long, I had to proof-read it three times and am still not sure I spelled everything correctly. But, I am trusting my instincts, as I have been all evening in my two adult-classes. It seems like lately it doesn’t really matter how much I prepare my lessons, nothing ever goes as planned anyways. I don’t mean that in a negative way whatsoever, but today, instead of listening to an article reading and doing some exercises, we spent 30 minutes discussing the difference between “to remind” and “to remember”, and when to use “much” and “many”. I am a bit proud, I have to admit, to be able to just pull explanations out of my sleeves as we go along, and have yet to be taken aback by something in one of my classes.

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PMS-Fighters: Peppermint-Tea, Mushy Choc-Chip Cookies, And Sucky Moods

Yup, this post has been a long time coming, because, let’s face it, all of us in the female sector of existence have to deal with what is called “Aunt Irma” in our appartment once a month. Why “Aunt Irma”, you ask? It’s definitely not due to a red-haired aunt that I hate or anything. No, it’s all about the series “IT Crowd”. Have you ever seen it? Basically it’s a helarious British sitcom (and, if we’re being honest, all British sitcoms are extremely funny!), featuring three members of the IT department of a random firm, one of them being a lady. And, when it’s her time of the month, she goes ballistic.

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Vegan And Eating Out Vs. Packed Lunches (Scrumptious Potato-Leek-Mushroom-Salad And Perfect Pesto-Spirelli-Salad)

After two days of my weekend course, my boyfriend drove to pick me up from university, and we went out for dinner. Now, I haven’t ever paid attention to vegan options at restaurants, because, well, obviously, I have never tried to eat vegan at a restaurant. Tonight, I tried it – and succeded! In fact, it was an awesome meal, and it only felt a little akward ordering several appetizers and side dishes to make a wholesome meal. 🙂

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Advertisements And Fake Raffaellos

Have you ever seen the Raffaello Advertisement on TV? You know, the one featuring the beautiful, insanely blond woman, wearing a mixture of white swimsuit/dress, laying around in the sun and eating a raffaello, while a couple of (white – obviously) sea gulls kindly sit next to her and watch her. If there has ever been a “most unrealistic” advertisement out there, I’d guess that that’s the one. First of all, what’s with all the white?! I mean, I get that raffaellos are white and everything, but it is possible to overdo it! And, secondly, the seagulls – I mean, really?! Have you ever seen seagulls sitting idly by when you’re eating something?

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